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The first article about colors. In the course of time, we will refer to individual colors again and again. Colors and the handling of them determine visual art above all others.

We are always diving deep into the world of colors and discovering their meaning, history, psychological effects and their use in various fields. Colors are omnipresent and influence our daily lives in many ways. With this series, we offer a colorful array of information to help better understand and appreciate the world of color. This includes references to interesting articles on other platforms. This time on National Geographic.

This already brings us to the topic. On the article Barbie’s signature pink may be Earth’s oldest color. Here’s how it took over the world appeared.

This article is dedicated to the color pink, a color that often polarizes. Some love it for its vibrant, cheerful appeal, while others may find it too playful or feminine. But regardless of personal preferences, pink undoubtedly has an interesting history and a wide range of applications.

The article highlights various aspects of Pink, including its seemingly extremely distant past. If you’re interested, we invite you to read the full article. Just follow this link:

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