Last update: 14.05.2023 12:30 CEST

Many of the works at MiQ Gallery can be purchased as a digital download, including the license needed for each. On this page we describe the available licenses. The license descriptions valid at the time of purchase apply. We reserve the right to change these license descriptions at any time. Of course, we point out such changes to existing customers.

For all licenses applies


  • The delivery of the file belonging to the license is done digitally via download. It is available shortly after payment.
  • In the case of downloads, there is no possibility of revocation.

Scope of use

  • We generally grant a non-exclusive right of use. So you have no exclusive rights to use the content. MiQ Gallery may license the same works to other clients.
  • We generally grant a geographically unrestricted right of use. You may use the work you have licensed anywhere in the world.
  • We generally grant an perpetual right of use. There is no expiration or end date for your rights to use the downloaded works.
  • We generally grant a limited right of use with regard to content. You may use a work within the scope of the purchased license in an unlimited number of projects and in any media. For details, please read the descriptions of the available licenses.

Restricted uses

  • No granting of sublicenses. The use of the acquired content is exclusively permitted to the buyer.
  • No transfer of the acquired rights of use to third parties. The purchase of the rights of use and in connection therewith of the digital work shall be made exclusively in the name and for the account of the subsequent user of the rights.
  • No resale of the files received. The files may only be used by the user himself within the scope of the purchased license. They may not be resold.
  • No creation of logos or trademarks. Works may not be used in whole or in part to create new logos or trademarks.
  • No use in pornographic, obscene, defamatory, offensive or unlawful contexts.
  • No manufacturing of products. No products may be manufactured and distributed with an acquired work for sale or for free distribution in a commercial context. These may include: Wall decorations, posters, clothing, accessories, stickers, labels and others. This list is not exhaustive and is for descriptive purposes only.

Copyright and other rights

  • Copyright and all other present and future rights in the works belong to the respective creator.

Warranties and Claims

  • There are no express or implied warranties other than the license terms.
  • The Buyer accepts that the Works or media are provided “as is”.
  • MiQ Gallery and the creators and any appointed suppliers, if any, shall not be liable for any third party claims, incidental, consequential or other alleged damages arising out of the license or Client’s use of the purchased media.

Private License

In addition to the terms that apply to all licenses, the following apply:

  • The purchase of a private license entitles you to use it exclusively for private use.
  • Any kind of commercial use is prohibited.
  • Printing of posters, canvases and other wall decorations, cards, gifts and other printed products on own printer or service providers.

Office License

In addition to the terms that apply to all licenses, the following apply:

  • Applies exclusively to the use for decoration purposes in rooms. This also applies to business premises of any kind.
  • The illustration of the content as background decoration in rooms in pictures and videos used for business purposes is permitted.
  • Printing posters, canvases and other wall decoration or room decor on own printer or service providers.

Commercial License

In addition to the terms that apply to all licenses, the following apply:

  • Includes private use by the buyer only.
  • Business or professional use is permitted.
  • Commercial use up to 1 million copies. This restriction does not apply if the work is displayed on websites, social media or mobile apps.
  • Each individual use must comply with the license agreements.
  • Resizing and cropping selections may be made to an acquired work.
  • Examples of licensed works used include websites, blog posts, social media, advertising, marketing campaigns, corporate presentations, printed materials, newspapers, magazines, books, film and television productions, web and mobile applications, product packaging, book covers, album covers.

Extended License

In addition to the terms that apply to all licenses, the following apply:

All the possibilities of the commercial license. Additionally:

  • Editions with more than 1 million.
  • The acquired work may be shared within the company, e.g. on several workstations or used by several users.

Download without license

We also offer reproductions by artists whose works have already entered the public domain. Rights to such works have since expired. In Germany, for example, regularly 70 years after the death of the artist. We optimize available image material to the original size, as far as this is technically possible. Ultimately, we charge with the price for the download the sometimes intensive preparation of the data and their provision via our servers and our partner platforms.